Leverage your employees and clients communities to accelerate content distribution

Turn your employees and collaborators into brand ambassadors, in order to iniatiate the virality of your contents on social media.

Curation & Intelligence

A social content intelligence and curation tool. Make your day-to-day teams's tasks easier through our advanced content curation and analysis features.

  • Select targeted genres and sources to create your own content curation program
  • Activate automated social media content creation features
  • Keep control over content quality and relevance through our advanced filters


Automated social media content creation. Save time thanks to our automated content creation platform.

  • Increase efficiency with our automated content creation tools
  • Optimize content relevancy through our filtering, capping and frequency management features
  • Fine-tune content strategy thanks to our performance analysis tools


Design and creation of your own Employee Advocacy projects. Launch customized Employee Advocacy programs with collaborators and clients.

  • Strengthen the relation with employees and clients through
  • Boost engagement through a first level of content distribution
  • Develop your corporate brand awareness through your own employees' expertise and network

Social selling

Social selling features and performance tracking. Leverage our Social Selling tracking tools to measure conversion.

  • Leverage employees' engagement to create leads across social platforms
  • Measure online traffic and conversion generated through social media content
  • Create and manage your own gamification programs to encourage collaborators' engagement

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