A tool to track content performance and identify key profiles

Create social KPI reports and integrate profiles into CRM strategy

Measure engagement

Measure engagement through social KPIs and export reports. Track user engagement across all social platforms.

  • Monitor engagement indicators to better follow your ROI
  • Create your own personalised reports and automated exports (PDF, XLS)
  • Integrate external analytics dashboard through APIs

Content performance

Analyse content performance in real time. Improve content strategy through real time analytics.

  • Improve content strategy through real time analytics
  • Learn which content type performs best: text, links, images, video
  • Identify best-performing categories via smart tagging system
  • Measure impact of outgoing social traffic

Social data

Leverage Social Data to increase consumer knowledge. Clearer understanding of fan behavior through the user profile management tool.

  • Access each consolidated fan profile (Social ID algorithm)
  • Store all user interaction/scoring history and identify key influencers
  • Optimise how you capture user profiles with our Social Connect solution

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