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One platform to identify key content trends and competitors' activities across all social networks

Social Media Intelligence

A comprehensive benchmark tool for social media. Monitor competitors' activities and define your key indicators.

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube : compare your performance to the competition on your industry across all social media channels
  • Drive your performance on social media with different indicators and statistics of your market from a complete benchmark tool: Community, engagement, evolution ...
  • Get the best social media insights, adapt your strategy and define the best social platforms for your brand with a complete analysis done from our benchmark tools

Content identification

Identify well-performing posts and key content trends. Track posts generating the highest engagement and tailor your strategy accordingly.

  • Monitor your main competitors' published content in real time
  • Pick and activate personalised metrics (likes, comments, shares, TR, etc..)
  • Build a list of competitors across all social channels


Track competitors across all social platforms. Choose where you want to follow competition's activities: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

  • Analyse sector publishing patterns and identify the best time to post
  • Understand which content type helps you reach your objectives
  • Create cross-network benchmarks


Personalized Social Insights reporting. Generate social KPIs and content analysis reports.

  • Identify which networks are worth investing in vs. brand objectives
  • Compare brand social KPIs versus competition
  • Understand how competitors use each social channel

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