A unique conversation management with all your online communities

Answer all fans and followers comments and private messages throught a unified inbox in order to engage conversation with reactivity.

User rights

The platform allows to give rights according to the users to work in team on all social media accounts of your brand or your stores.

  • Visibility of social media accounts and related content
  • Management of rights to create content or to publish them.
  • Defining content validation rights before they are published

Content review

Make sure of the validation of the contents which are published on the accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn of your brand.

  • Ability to send a scheduled publication for review to a team member
  • Reviewer get access to online review of the content before going live - validating or refusing the content
  • Access to content edition and validation history

Real time chat

Discussion en ligne sur chaque contenu pour limiter les aller-retour et valider rapidement le contenu à publier sur les réseaux sociaux.

  • Ability to write a note while creating content creation for the review
  • Online chat conversation between creator and reviewer user for each post
  • Ability to send the post to review by email

Content review flow

Forget about your excel files and validate directly on our software all posts with your teams before they are published on social networks.  

  • Once validated, content is scheduled and automatically published on defined date and hour
  • Content not validated or not reviewed is not published, can be scheduled later
  • Personal notification system to publish right in time