Give voice to your points of sale on social networks.

Grow your local presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to grow your local business.

We run paid social media for a range of campaigns and social accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Nuke Suite is an easy-to-use and effective way for us to manage all this at once.

Fanny MafalankaInternational Project Manager, Carita Decléor L'Oréal Group

NukeSuite supports you in thinking and setting up your local organization

Audit & strategy

From the situation audit, we propose a content creation and distribution plan adapted to your brand and your point of sale network.

Deployment of the presence

We define deployment rules to optimize local presence and create content templates and tutorials.

Team training

We produce the content, embed and train the teams for the success of the project.

Results analysis

KPIs definition, performance monitoring and analysis of best cases and possible improvements.

We support the biggest brands to define their strategy and deploy it on many points of sale.

Trusted by 200+ companies to grow their local presence on social media.

A social media management tool tailored for the local facilitates deployment on social networks

Deploying the local strategy at points of sale is goes with the implementation of a powerful tool on social networks.


Exclusive study: The challenges of the local social media presence of retail brands

In order to understand their needs, we interviewed managers in charge of digital & social media at headquarters level and responsible for local structures. This study represents the first analysis of the current market.

Leverage local business on social to develop on-store trafic.